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This year, the Whedon Universe track hosted actors from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dollhouse, in addition to fan activities such as the Buffy Horror and Dr. Horrible Picture Shows, the Costume Contest, and numerous discussion panels in the track room. My favorite Whedon Universe activity was the Browncoats: Redemption Wrap Party. Universal and Fox haven't given us an official sequel to Serenity yet, so the Browncoats banded together to create our own fun. Congratulations to the Redemption team for raising so much money for worthy charities, and also for throwing one hell of a shindig.

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The Buffy Horror Picture Show
Dr. Horrible Picture Show
The Wedding Proposal During Intermission
Whedon Universe Hall Costumes
Discussion Panels
Costume Contest
Post-Contest Costumes
Buffy/Angel Actor Q&A Panels
Buffy Improv
The Signal Podcast, Live!
Firefly Photoshoot


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