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Alan Tudyk at Farpoint 2009

These photos were taken at Alan Tudyk's Q&A on Saturday, Feb 14th at the Farpoint Convention in Timonium, MD. He was introduced by Dr. Marc Okrand, creator of the Klingon language.

As always, Alan was hilarious on stage. There were actually relatively few questions directly about Firefly. It seemed that fans were interested in Alan's career as a whole, and Death at a Funeral was mentioned several times. I definitely have to see that movie!

The best part of my weekend occurred Saturday night, just after the Masquerade contestants had all presented their entries, and the judges were still deliberating. I was wandering through the hotel lobby, searching for something to do. Suddenly, someone grabbed my arm. My first reaction was to think, "What the hell?" When I turned around, I was shocked to see Wash standing right behind me! He was wearing workout shorts and had obviously just come from the gym. He asked me, "Hey, can you tell me where the costume contest is?" I had just a few minutes earlier overheard some conventions staffers say that they had to find Alan because he was supposed to hand out the costume awards. So I responded, "Yeah, they've been looking for you!" I explained that I wasn't sure where exactly he ws supposed to be, so I escorted him down to the Registration desk where they would be able to help him. It turns out that he had been given the wrong time for the Masquerade, so he had been in the gym instead.

So basically,Wash pulled over and asked me for directions. Shiny!



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